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There are many facts to consider when determining the condition and originality of a vintage amp.While the collectors are primarily interested in originality, the musicians see the amp as an instrument.That can be painfully hard to combine with originality, but don’t worry – We’ll share our strategy how to compromise tone and originality.To pay our respect to Leo Fender we must all try to conserve the vintage Fender amps on this planet. Contains four 8-pin sockets, four "bear trap" retainers, eight mounting screws, four 470 ohm screen grid resistors (Metal-Film Flameproof for safety), and four carbon composition 1500 ohm control grid resistors. Founded in 1948 by Heinz Fischer and Alfred Tausche, F&T Capacitors has over 60 years of experience in producing some of the finest capacitors available today.

Perfect for Twin Reverb, Showman and Dual Showman, Quad Reverb, Bassman 100, etc. F&T Caps are known for their great stability and reliability. Leo Fender began building guitar amps before he started manufacturing guitars.The first of these amps were the K&F models, which were produced between 19.This will affect the priorities and decision making in a purchase.If your plan is to play and gig with your amp you should focus on tone and robustness.

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The original Fender amps were tube-powered and the company also started producing solid-state models in the late 1960s.

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