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He learned to follow Barack Obama’s lead, a lead at which he once aimed withering criticism, and avoided the phrase “Islamic terrorism.” He also deliberately ignored his anti-Islamic rhetoric in addressing Muslim leaders and conveniently forgot that he had once declared that Muslims hate us.Saudi Arabia is a dynasty and theocracy, permitting only male descendants of the founder, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman al-Saud, to rule.If he had a deeper sense of diplomacy than he exhibited, this need not have emerged as a scolding, but as encouragement towards judicial independence and due process in opposition to rampant use of arbitrary arrest, particularly targeting human rights activists.However, Donald Trump’s “principled realism” unveiled an absence of any principles.If the piece will not be about the movie itself (as it should), but some long, convoluted digression about the reviewer's expectations and musings on hyper-masculinity and camp, at least make it funny.

On Thursday’s “CNN Tonight,” anchor Don Lemon argued that President Donald Trump was the United States’ biggest purveyor of fake news and that CNN was “just fine.” Lemon said, after playing a clip of Trump criticizing CNN in Poland earlier Thursday in Palco, KS, while speaking to reporters after a town hall, Sen.

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10/10 Bénédicte Lassalle: Bénédicte Lassalle was born in Provence, South of France in 1975 and lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area.

Which is a shame because he *was* so good in Neighbors, the best comedy of 2014, and now here we are.

(The less said about The Rock, the better.) The only nudity is of Ronnie's butt in a shower scene, and a corpse's penis in a morgue scene.

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