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WASHINGTON -- Veterans in Dallas, San Antonio and Amarillo are among thousands nationwide who may be eligible for new traumatic brain injury exams after initial exams were performed by unqualified doctors, a top VA official said.

It’s unclear how many Texas veterans could get new exams.

These effects sometimes cause other difficulties such as sleeping problems, depression, and anxiety.

Physical effects may include: Some of the symptoms of traumatic brain injury can look like emotional or behavioral problems, even though they are actually due to TBI.

Nationwide, however, 25,000 veterans got initial exams for TBIs by doctors who, according to the VA’s own rules, were not qualified to perform them, officials said.

The decision to allow new exams could lead to retroactive benefits dating back to 2007, officials said.“It was a systemic national problem that we’ve identified that we are working to fix now,” David Mc Lenachen, the VA’s Deputy Undersecretary for Disability Assistance, told KARE 11 News, a Minneapolis TV station, during an interview in Washington Wednesday.

Severe injuries involve longer periods of unconsciousness and memory loss around the event.

KARE 11, a TEGNA station and corporate partner of WFAA-TV, first discovered that hundreds of Minnesota veterans’ initial TBI exams were performed by unqualified doctors last year.

Earlier this year, KARE and WFAA were the first to report that the problem affected Texas veterans as well – specifically Amarillo, which is in the Dallas VA network.

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