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Last month, Harper Collins published a book by Northwestern University media studies professor Laura Kipnis entitled “Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus.” The book has received coverage in the New York Times, National Public Radio, The New Yorker and other major publications.Kipnis, a feminist cultural critic, wrote the book after being hit with complaints under Title IX, accused by two graduate students of creating a hostile environment at the school because she wrote an essay criticizing the restriction on professor-student relationships as infantilizing to students.Drawing on interviews and internal documents, Unwanted Advances demonstrates the chilling effect of this new sexual Mc Carthyism on intellectual freedom,” Harper Collins claims in a blurb about the book on its website.An anonymous female graduate student at Northwestern – one that filed a Title IX complaint against Kipnis – filed a defamation lawsuit Tuesday in Chicago federal court, claiming the professor’s book defames her by presenting her as “lying, manipulative, and litigious.” “Unwanted Advances” allegedly includes an entire chapter that is a thinly veiled account of Jane Doe’s relationship with Northwestern philosophy professor Peter Ludlow.After dismissing Ludlow's Title IX claim, the federal court determined that it had no basis for exercising supplemental jurisdiction over his state law claims, and subsequently dismissed those as well. CHICAGO (CN) – A Northwestern grad student claims a professor’s new book about campus Title IX and anti-sexual abuse policies defames her by suggesting she manufactured a rape allegation against a faculty member.

In the ensuing investigation, Kipnis “uncovered an astonishing netherworld of accused professors and students, campus witch hunts, rigged investigations, and Title IX officers run amuck.

A series of interviews conducted by the investigator with department staff painted Knowles as “volatile” and described violations of Ohio State’s policies on sexual harassment and workplace violence.

The investigator found Knowles threatened and intimidated department staff.

The issue of Title VII preemption is not handled consistently by the courts, but there is precedent in the Seventh Circuit -- binding on the federal courts in Illinois -- that withholds Title IX remedies in cases where employees allege sex discrimination by their employer, reasoning that Congress intended the mechanisms of Title VII enforcement (which include first seeking relief from the EEOC) to apply instead.

Second, the court reasoned that even if the Title IX claims were not preempted, Ludlow had not alleged facts that suggest that the university's response in investigating the graduate student's claim had anything to do with his male sex, but instead, because the charge against him was rape.

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"It does happen, and sometimes there’s dismissal, sometimes there’s not and it’s surprising that there isn’t,” she said.

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