Come join us for this four day event located at The Grand Canal Shoppes convention center.

There will be roughly 20,000 attendees, 100 sessions, and 1,200 exhibitors and we would like to extend this invitation to you. Posted by Brialle Veldman on June 13, 2017 under Air Treatment & Odor Control | Be the First to Comment When it comes to assisting customers with their applications; One the most important factors we consider is how to safely destruct the off-gas ozone.

Others believe that ozone has significant healing properties.

Therapeutic use of ozone is not endorsed by the medical associations in English speaking countries.

The hotel is on the Riviera Maya, which means you’re only ever footsteps from white sands and warm waters.The reason may simply be because it is so effective and is thus a threat to the medical and pharmaceutical companies.Yet there may also be some truth to the potential dangers of ozone, especially if it is improperly administered, either by drinking ozonated water or through one of the other therapeutic means.Children’s time is eaten up in the hotel-run club, Azulitos Play House.There’s a toy-filled children\s room here, too, and activities for smaller guests include things like tennis lessons.', intro:' You can set your own pace when it comes to activities, rather than relying on a coach or instructor for motivation.

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