Okcupid interracial dating

“Hot”, “liked” and “prefer” are based on reply rates to messages between those whom Ok Cupid matched based on stated preferences and some other stuff.

They also controlled for looks and male height, so this is not a tale of supposedly short Asian men or ugly black women.

And in fact, writes OKCupid co-founder Christian Rudder, racial bias seems to have gotten a bit more marked over time. Overall, the results seem to reveal less about OKCupid and its users (in fact, Rudder points out this pattern is common on other dating sites as well) than about society’s prevailing beauty standards and the ways they skew toward whiteness.

Rudder writes: “Beauty is a cultural idea as much as a physical one, and the standard is of course set by the dominant culture. One interesting thing about OKCupid’s interface is that we allow people to select more than one race, so you can actually look at people who’ve combined ‘white’ with another racial description. In fact it goes a long way toward undoing any bias against you.” This data raises SOME interesting questions — for one thing, are these patterns mirroring the real world?

Users answered questions about a variety of topics — and the most common answers appeared in a recently released report.

White men preferred every race of women over White women except for black women.

Asian men and black men received fewer messages than white men, while black women received the fewest messages of all users.

Today, OKCupid data scientists released another post, revisiting the data to see if anything had changed over the course of five years.

An Ok Cupid study of data collected from its users in 2015 revealed trends in dating and sexual habits, as well as political beliefs.

Or does online dating give people a certain freedom to be more discriminatory?

I don’t know about you, but this might depress me enough to drive me back to the wilds of IRL dating.

The media has conditioned us to worship studies that they push forward.

For some alleged phenomenon to become scientific doctrine, much is required of the studies - much that I almost never see shown by the media.

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