Non validating xml dom parser

Whichever way you interpreted the requirement, it wasn’t met.

In fact, it took Larry Wall more than a couple of months just to add the Unicode support to Perl that XML assumed.

Will they create islands of data that can only be used with a single set of tools?

This article looks at most of the XML processors available today for use in Java-based XML systems and evaluates how closely they follow the XML 1.0 specification.

Expat doesn’t support as many encodings as Python does, and its repertoire of encodings can’t be extended; it supports UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1 (Latin1), and ASCII. When namespace processing is enabled, element type names and attribute names that belong to a namespace will be expanded.

One indication of XML's success is that a dozen or so implementations of an XML processor exist.

These processors, spanning a variety of programming environments, are at the core of a new generation of web tools that are revolutionizing the dynamic generation of HTML and enabling new types of web applications, including business-to-business data messaging.

We will provide you with the hard data from our tests, so you can independently evaluate every claim made in this article and reproduce the results yourself.

The results leverage the freely available OASIS XML Conformance Test Suite.

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