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Pals say he is besotted with the I Kissed A Girl singer, who is currently at Paris Fashion Week, and no longer has eyes for anyone else.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun at his £2million home in Hampstead, North London, Russell said: “I think I’m in love.” But asked about his nights of passion with Katy, he said coyly: “I don’t think I should be drawn on that.” Then, dressed in black jeans and a leather jacket, he sped off to the gym.

Although she'd originally It won't be an easy week for Gemma Collins either, as she brings along Bobby-Cole Norris and Chloe Sims to speak with a specialist about freezing her eggs.

It's all a bit much for GC - is she actually ready to make this life-changing decision?

Georgia's involved in yet more drama when she and Tommy Mallet no-show a 'triple date' with Megan Mc Kenna and Pete Wicks as well as James 'Lockie' Lock and his new girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou.

I bet she just grabbed any random photo from the red carpet.

SEX-mad RUSSELL BRAND was pining for his pop star girlfriend KATY PERRY yesterday – and confessed: “I think I’m in love.” Amazingly the randy telly star, famed for dating a string of beautiful girls, could finally give up his womanising for dark-haired Katy, 24.

Jamie Reynolds: Jamie Reynolds is actually 10 years older than Pixie.

Known for his work as a vocalist, he and Pixie used to be an item.

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