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No episode was more memorable than the special with Mr.Bean appearing as bachelor #3 a special edition of Blind Date, and ends up enjoying a romantic English country getaway with lovely blonde Tracy.

One of the most memorable ‘Bean-moments’, however, didn’t occur during it’s run on ITV but rather as part of a .Skill focus: Speaking Grammar: Present Continuous (Present Progressive)ESL Level: Pre-intermediate to Intermediate Number of students: 2 or more Equipment needed: projector/video screen Time Required: 15 minutes After teaching your students present continuous, put them in pairs. I like to use this one about flying (4 minutes): Note that the word is important in the above story, so be sure to preteach this vocabulary.Have one student sit with her back to the video screen, and the other student across from her, facing it. This could be made into a more robust lesson 30/40-minute lesson by:1) Creating warm-up questions about the topic of each video.For example:, etc)3) Watching the videos a second time together and helping the students describe them more accurately.—My students always enjoy this activity, and it’s likely because Mr. I let them focus on fluency (not accuracy) and do their best.It’s a fun communicative way to end a grammar lesson on the present continuous/present progressive.

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