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Tales of Scottish ghost stories such a grey or white lady in a castle, saucy maids, kittie rankie, big grey giant Ben Macdhui, army ghosts and pipers, haunted tours and walks If you would prefer first hand experience of ghost hunting in Aberdeen or other locations in Scotland then why not book an experience.

Also used to go to Bex Bar looking to grab yourself a 'MILF', which was basically anything over the age of 25. All that line of bars Bex, Franklyns, O'Donoghue's used to be absolutely hoaching at the weekends. I mind when I was 18 pulling an older quine on the top floor of Franklyn's.Think it was from 18-00 to 20-00 and then it was off to Berlins from 20-00 to 22-00 for spin the wheel 80's prices and then generally ended up in either Franklins, the Cotton Club or Barney Rubbles Blues Jam at Caesers Palace on a wednesday nicht till 2am, few hours kip then off to work. Happy days Civil Service Club on Crown Terrace, open to non civil servants! The good old days when you used to manage the whole night out for 30-40 quid. Started many a night out in the 90's in Oscar's with either Oscars cocktail (£1-50) and/or a pint (£1) during happy hour(s).103 comments Brexit talks in Brussels on Monday will focus on the status of expats, the UK’s “divorce bill” and the Northern Ireland border, rather than on future trade relations with the European Union, it has been confirmed.24 comments The UK Government has announced negotiations to restore powersharing in Northern Ireland will be allowed to extend until Monday, despite Stormont parties missing today’s statutory deadline to reach agreement.

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