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The girls acquire massive amounts of food and then fail to take even one bite. The Huntzbergers show up at the party unannounced, and Rory very gracefully arranges for a table for them, although she's thrown into a fit of rage upon seeing Shira and has a full-blown panic attack upon seeing Mitchum. Emily finds herself growing very alarmed as Rory throws out the old menu and lands on a flashy new USO theme, but the event is a total success, and she's so proud.The search for evidence of Iran’s suspected “parallel program” of nuclear weaponry development in North Korea has been the key storyline in season six to date.This episode seeks to convince viewers that the only real parallel program is the one being run by Adal to serve his agenda of thwarting President-elect Keane’s plan to dial back the war on terror, and as such, resources funneled to the intelligence community.So she makes him go camping the night of the recital, and he sits in the woods, brooding alone. It all feels rather unnecessary, but it seems to stick after Richard's talk with Mitchum. How many cups of coffee do the Gilmore girls drink? Flirtation quota: Luke just wants to hang out with Lorelai, you guys! Best/most dated pop culture reference: Paris, on the first day of her first job: "And I'm prepared too.

We learned some seasons ago that Adal found Quinn as a teenager in dire straits and trained him to become a crack CIA assassin.Abraham’s CIA honcho Dar Adal is an evil whirling dervish in the episode written by Ron Nyswaner and directed by Tucker Gates.By “Homeland” standards, the set-up of Adal is the man behind all of the menace that Carrie is facing is so on the nose that it raises the prospect of another story twist to come to possibly redeem Adal’s actions against his current and former CIA colleagues. Thank you so much to the great Mandy J, the Paris to my Rory, for covering for me in my absence last week! The Gilmore Girls Drinking Game Rules Lorelai or Rory drinks coffee. ", but it's nothing to what happens when he tells Emily everything. I know you and Lorelai still have some making up to do, Emily, but consider our rift healed. When Rory suggests a job - and even offers Paris one, as a server at the USO event - Paris agrees with her usual enthusiasm, and soon she's quoting Karl Marx and planning the demise of the "commodity fetishists" among whom, not so long ago (like, yesterday) she once moved. Luke has been extra, extra cute this week - he joins Lorelai for a double date dinner at Sookie and Jackson's, which turns out to be super annoying because their kids are annoying and, love them as I do, they're pretty annoying, too, but Luke handles it pleasantly. We have now reached Week 45 of our Rewatch Project, and I have to say, I feel like these episodes are just treading water until we can get Rory and Lorelai back together again, don't you? Emily gets flustered by Lorelai's bizarre sense of humor. She marches over to Shira and delivers one of the greatest Emily Gilmore moments of the entire series. He cooks hamburgers for Paul Anka (medium rare, just the way Paul Anka likes them), goes shopping with Lorelai and cheerfully offers to attend Miss Patty's recital with her, and Lorelai starts to fret that Luke's losing his identity and just doing whatever Lorelai wants.

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