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I was, of course, aware of the show’s existence and of its central characters—I knew who LC was, who Justin Bobby was, who Kelly Cutrone was—by virtue of its ubiquity, but in middle and high school, I couldn’t bring myself to watch anything beyond the requisite three episodes at a sleepover. While the main players might not be the headline grabbers they once were, nostalgia for the show remains constant.

I frequently see the “Lauren’s Single Mascara Tear” GIF deployed on Tumblr, and when I mentioned the possibility that I might watch Another double episode!

Then Heidi and I will either get sushi or Mexican food and I'll have some tequila on ice. There was so much, but we were all great for a long time." belonged to their onscreen neighbor Enzo.

"His mom and dad [would be] in another room, and we'd come to Enzo's house to pretend.

Most telling, though, Heidi revealed that the relationship between her and LC — as you may have guessed — is just nonexistent, and it has been for quite some time.

is a rite of passage I came to later than others in my generation.

Stephanie resents that Heidi made Holly her maid of honor, which is clearly fake since (a) Holly is Heidi's actual sister and (b) Stephanie knows that and (c) who wants to be a maid of honor? Holly gets tipsy and throws food and cries at Spencer and Heidi’s rehearsal dinner, but everyone’s outfits are and Chanel, wears stilettos, is kind of stiff and awkward socially, generally knows her shit, talks like an adult, and is unfailingly polite. She is immediately my favorite, forever and always.

ago — seriously, we can't even believe it — on May 31, we crowded around our televisions (because let's be honest, who really had DVR at that point), fumbled with the remote, and quickly turned the channel to MTV for the premiere of .

She also nixed Paris to spend the summer with her former boyfriend, Jason Wahler, at the beach, but eventually made it to The City of Light.

Of course we couldn't forget when her former roommate, Heidi Montag morphed into her worst enemy, and Lauren gave us the words we utter when an ex texts us out of the blue just to eff everything up, "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you."Now: Since leaving the show in its fifth season, Lauren has published several books including her recent party guide, .

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