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Girls like to talk about having a date at the weekend when everybody is asking in the office about what peoples plans are for the weekend.

Fridays – is a bit late for Friday night dates but may still get some matches for Saturday dates, but as for Tinder Boosting is it really worth it? well actually yes, the girls who don’t have plans will be on Tinder to make themselves feel better that they didn’t have a date.

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Saturday – Again Boost is not going to get you a lot more matches today but the ones you do get are likely to meet up, so if you can organise a date then it is a great ‘match to date ratio’, also bear in mind that they are really keen to get a date and more likely to hook up, for more advise on that read our Tinder Hookup Strategy.

However I disagree because for me it is between and is the best boost time and even more specifically on Thursday. Nope, it’s all down the the time you’re using your dating apps.And lucky us, Nielsen‘s done some fancy research to get data on those peak times, discovering the times when the most people are on Tinder and OKCupid, and the periods where those people spend the most time on the apps – meaning they’re actually swiping, not just opening up Tinder to have a quick check of their messages. The peak time for both the number of people on both Tinder and OKCupid, AND the peak time for when those people spent the longest time on the apps, was between 9 and 10pm. Tinder sees a rise in minutes spent on the app at around 1pm, when users are probably bored at lunch.Tinder often tests new products in Australia first before going live globally, and Tinder Boost is no different.Australian Tinder users will have access to Tinder Boost soon, while other markets will have to wait until Tinder launches the finalized product. Just as much as Tinder is using Australia to test the product itself, the company is likely also going to be testing pricing.

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Tinder is introducing a new premium feature called Tinder Boost.

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